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Yoga can change your life START NOW Massage Massage is the practice of manipulating soft-tissue through various degrees of pressure and types of movement. In general, massage can reduce stress, pain, and muscle tension, however different types of massage can be used for different needs and desires. Many people think of massage as a treat, or as something special or fancy to

Essential Oils

Yoga can change your life START NOW Essential Oils Note: We use, and recommend, dōTERRA essential oils because of the company's strict third-party testing, as well as their commitment to sustainable sourcing and only selling the highest quality, therapeutic grade oils. All of the recommendations from this article are based on the use of dōTERRA oils . Essential oils are highly volatile

Holistic Wellness

Yoga can change your life START NOW Holistic Wellness What is holistic wellness? Holistic wellness is an approach to wellness that recognizes that an integration, and care for, the mind, body, and spirit of a person are essential to their well-being. When we talk about holistic wellness, we’re not just talking about a person’s physical health, but also their mental/emotional and spiritual

The Importance of Routines

Yoga can change your life START NOW The Importance of Routines Humans are creatures of habit, and that’s why it’s so important that we form and follow routines that support our health and wellness. Research has shown that people who don’t have a routine tend to experience more stress, poor quality of sleep, poor eating habits, poor physical condition, and don’t use


Yoga can change your life START NOW Meditation Meditation is a practice and a technique used to help a person have greater control over their mind and their ability to stay in the present moment. In meditation, we become aware of the inner workings of our minds: our thoughts, our emotions, and the sensations that we experience. There are many different types

Plant-Based Milk

Yoga can change your life START NOW Plant-Based Milk You may have heard about, and experienced, the growing trend towards plant-based milk alternatives. For many years, experts told us that it was important to drink milk to build strong bones and prevent fractures. However, it turns out that there actually isn’t strong evidence to show that cow milk is an essential part


Yoga can change your life START NOW Pranayama Some people call yoga origami for the body. As we move through various shapes in a formal way, we are able to create an origami cup with our bodies; a cup that is folded so intentionally, so well, that it can then be filled with the water of our breath. And that’s where pranayama

What is the Best Type of Yoga for Me?

Yoga can change your life START NOW What is the Best Type of Yoga for Me? At RAW we offer a variety of yoga classes to make sure that we are best serving our community. On our class schedule you’ll find: Yoga for beginners, a gentle class that introduces you to the foundations of yoga, focuses on proper alignment, and emphasizes the

Yoga and The Nervous System

Yoga can change your life START NOW Yoga and The Nervous System The human body has two subdivisions of the nervous systems, the somatic and the autonomic. While the somatic nervous system is responsible for voluntary control of body movements, the autonomic nervous system regulates involuntary physiological processes (such as blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, digestion, urination, and metabolism). Within the

What is Yoga?

Yoga can change your life START NOW What is Yoga? It is believed that yoga was first practiced around 3,000 B.C. And when we say practiced, what do we mean? Many of us have been exposed to Hatha yoga, the branch of yoga that focuses on the connection of mind, body, and spirit (or breath). However, there are eight other main branches

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Located in Pietà by the Msida Yacht Marina at 190 Triq Marina (between BOV bank and the jewelers).

Centrally located a short drive from Ta’ Xbiex (3 min), Msida (4 min), Valletta (5 min), Gzira (6 min), Birkirkara (6 min), Sliema (10 min).

Or come by bus, bus stop Marina (904 / 1057)


Free parking by the marina side next to La Vela restaurant.