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Govinda Cator
Yoga for Beginners

I started my journey as a yoga teacher in India completing 200 hours in Ashtanga Yoga in Goa, then I studied Ashtanga at the Patthabi Jois Institute in Mysore. I have studied 300 hours with Noah Maze. My asana practise improved deeply when I met Shiva Rea who changed my asana practise forever by teaching me how to embody the power of Prana, Prana Flow is definitely my soul style. I am an eternal student and I am so happy to share what I have learnt.

For me yoga is what everybody needs, we all live in these bodies, we all have these minds, and we still do not understand them. One of the fundamental goals of yoga is the connection of body, mind & spirit. Without the development and integration of them we are not whole, we are not balanced, and therefore, we are not well. Yoga brings unity and understanding of the nature of these parts, the more you practise the more you understand, the more you become whole.
Tinja Berg
Hatha (Intermediate & Advanced)
Ashtanga (All levels excluding compl beginners)

Yoga has helped me to open up myself, my heart and my vision to my own potential. Yoga gives us a challenge that allows us to reach within to discover ourselves… a practice within a practice… a teacher in and of itself!

I do my best to transmit this challenge to the students so that they can find their own path to self discovery.
Aaron Falzon
Hatha (Intermediate & Advanced)
Yin (All Levels Including Beginners)
108 Sun Salutations (Intermediate & Advanced)

I started practising yoga in Thailand in 2012 during which I attended a Thai Oil Massage course. In 2013 I deepened my practise of Hatha yoga in Rishikesh, India. While being there I was lucky enough to attend daily satsangs by Prem Baba and ShantiMayi. This is where I really decided to be on team consciousness. I discovered so many new things about myself at this vital time. Conscious breathing and being conscious with your words among others.

Later in 2013 I completed a Traditional Yoga teacher training course at Yoga Vidya Gurukul, an ashram in India. In 2015 I was back at the Ashram to attend two courses; Advanced Yoga course & Mantra course. In 2017 I was in Bali to complete Level 1&2 Yin Yoga TTC by Sebastian Pucelle. Here I was introduced to so many new ingredients to put into my practice. I choose to always be a student of what I love. All of it. I have lighthearted attention to detail and passionate dedication to the practice. It can be a struggle at times but my Yoga is the underlying force keeping all of the pieces together. Yoga reminds me that everything is connected so we must live, act, dance, breathe with awareness.

If the journey really is the reward, then I choose to enJOY the journey. I hope you will join me.
Julia Markovska
Yin (All Levels Including Beginners)
Yin Yang (All Levels Including Beginners)

Julia was introduced to Yoga in 2006 during her travels and after continued to deepen her practice in London. Julia's practice felt very natural to her, but it was her trip to India, the philosophy, the ancient and holy teachings of Yoga that really hit home. This is where she found her life purpose learning, sharing and living in the total surrender of now. Guided by her beloved yogi, it was there in the ashram (Yoga Vidya Gurukul) Nasik India her true calling was born.

Since then she hasn't looked back. She is constantly creating new ways to bring Yoga to those that need it most, allowing them to strengthen the relationship they have with themselves by generally bringing a sense of happiness and positivity into their lives. In 2016 Julia accomplished 250 hours of Yoga teaching training, followed by 100 hours of pre and post-natal TTC, and also went onto Yin Yoga levels 1 (Anatomy & Theory) & 2 (Meridian series & Traditional Chinese Medicine), with Sebastian and Muriel in Bali.

Julia's classes help you to stop worrying about the future and rehashing the past and become present. Julia helps you to remember who you are, what's important in life and helps you to breathe. She practices and lives Yoga every day and offers the gift that transformed her life to you. This combined with a deep and authentic passion for her subject and genuine affection and respect for the people she works with makes her a very special teacher indeed.
Mariana Garcia
Ashtanga (All Levels including beginners)

I am passionate about bodies, soul, feelings and expression. The connection with my own body started with gymnastics. I trained for the circus since I was 16 years old, aerial skills were already part of my life. But I was curious to learn about how to keep your body healthy, which opens the door to Yoga. I believe yoga practice is the best for ourselves, to take care of the body and the mind, working together, connecting with the breath. Yoga has helped me with finding balance in my life, and I love to have the possibility of transmitting this amazing practise.
Conrado Enrique
Hatha (Intermediate & Advanced)

I discovered Yoga in Australia in 2011, after trying a Bikram class just because it was the only "thing" available. I actually thought it was a kind of gentle gymnastics. Very wrong I realized I was. I'm always up for a good challenge and the "challenge" of my life I had found!

To me Yoga has grown to be a "real" practice, that allows us to re-dis-cover how to be in our body, this perfect, conscious machine that we're born with-in. Yoga develops strength, flexibility, and awareness… and up to us it is to evolve further and create the "union", create the Yoga, allow it to flow! Yoga is only a bridge between the mind and the body and the spirit, the glue that bonds the cliche!

Danielle Recomio

Yoga for Beginners, Hatha Flow, PreNatal, Restorative & Meditation

Danielle Recomio has an impressive experience and training under her belt! ERYT 200 and RYT 500 having completed 300 RYT with Bryce Yoga.
She discovered Yoga in 2006 and was very quickly hooked. Like many people she went to her first class to stretch and relax and found that after a few weeks, not only did she have more mobility but also strength and came out of class feeling refreshed even if the class was challenging. Yoga has transformed has transformed her life and it keeps her grounded, (semi) sane and strong through times of stress and change. Yoga facilitates growth in life and relationships on and off the mat. Daniel feels very blessed to be able to teach and help students reach their potential.

Daniel teaches Hatha, Vinyasa, Yinyasa and Restorative Yoga.

Yoga can be for every body, we are all different and can find our own expression of each pose, finding freedom within the moving meditation of Yoga can lead to more mindfulness and balance in our daily lives.

''I am forever grateful to my teachers Jason Crandell, Melissa Smith, Suzanne Vian, Dyce Ida Kline, Brionhy Smith, Honza and Claudine Lafond and Janet Stone.''

Anna Scigacz
Ashtanga (Intermediate & Advanced)

My journey with yoga started with a "prescription" from a physiotherapist. It was over 12 years ago. Moving to Asia later to live and work in a very high paced environment for a couple of years got me much closer to what I really needed at this time to balance my stressful and fast life. Less gym, less running, less pushing, less undermining, more understanding, more listening to what body needs. That was the time when I got completely hooked - both feet in.

I still was and still am in a very demanding and challenging mode choosing Ashtanga Vinyasa as my main style. Not being in a rush though. Understanding that it is a never ending journey of one asana after another, one concept after another, peeling patiently those layers covering deeper and deeper knowledge.

After some 8 years of slowly becoming a practitioner I decided it is time to share: experience, passion, love…all of it. Later on I also completed a Asana Sequencing and Anatomy training to better understand the body and better serve different students needs.

In my teaching I want you to understand that your practice is primarily your practice. Everything comes after. You are your first teacher and you know your body best. Listen to it, then listen to your teacher and be fine with any limitations you encounter on the way. They are not there forever and each practice differs from one another. Challenge yourself but yet at the same time ditch the expectations and steep demands towards yourself then wonders will start happening. Just watch it.

Ray Zahra
Gong Bath Meditation (All Levels including beginners)

I am a yoga and meditation teacher and Reiki Master. My former acting teacher suggested I get some movement classes and I started my yoga life at a the New York City White Cloud Yoga Studio which is kundalini yoga for dancers. There I worked with the creator of gyrotonics and gyrokinesis which is kundalini yoga without a lot of emphasis on pranayama but recently I've discovered.the great benefit of adding special pranayama to the asanas as they really detoxify your body and make you feel great.

I've meditated most of my life and helped others meditate, even though some have told me that that they never thought they could meditate. I really believe that our inner world needs our attention through meditation as the outer world can't help you in the inner world until you work with it with letting go of patterns and through meditation. Last year I became a reiki master in India.
Jeremie Tranchant
Introduction to Vipassana Meditation (All levels including beginners)

I'm Jeremie, a social worker, educator, and now ecology student here in Malta. Passionate about philosophy, spirituality and psychology, I discovered Vipassana 3 years ago and it changed my life. I have been a dedicated meditator since then, practicing daily and exploring the teaching of S.N. Goenka. Without pretensions, I aim to share the basics of this wonderful technique and practice together as a "sangha"... And maybe inspire you to attend a full retreat one day !
Ashley Martin
Vinyasa Open

Ashley began her yoga journey with hot/power yoga as a young adult in Connecticut, since that was the only style taught there at the time. She was drawn primarily to the breath control and connecting breath with movement. Upon moving to Los Angeles, she dove deeper into pranayama and meditation with her kundalini practice, and received a certification in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan in 2008. Since then, her focus has been more on asana, and she received a 200-hour training from YogaWorks in 2017. Ashley's classes are playful and challenging. She provides modifications and options for her students to explore their bodies in the poses. Los Angeles has been called the birthplace of modern yoga; where the science of creating a well-rounded class in a compact amount of time has been mastered. Ashley strives to bring this knowledge forward through her sequencing, leaving the students feeling revitalised and refreshed both physically and mentally. Her intention is to serve and elevate her students through exploring yoga in a playful way.
Valerie Winter
Teaches: Ashtanga (Intermediate & Advanced).

Valerie is a strong believer that more than a style you need to find a teacher that suits you, who will guide you to bring your own inner teacher. Join her class to find your breath and feel all the rest falling into places in a beautiful Ashtanga flow you will absolutely love

Valerie started her yoga journey in Paris in 2012 and then moved to Malaysia in 2014 where she completed a 450 H Teacher Training Course in Hatha Yoga and started teaching in various studios in Kuala Lumpur for 6 years, focusing her teachings on Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa.

In 2016 she consolidated her practice and her knowledge of Ashtanga and Yoga Philosophy in Mysore and completed a 50 H course in Anatomy with Noah McKenna, a highly recognized International Yoga teacher. She continued practicing Ashtanga in Kuala Lumpur for 5 years at one of the most prominent Ashtanga Center in Asia.
Timea Vamosova
Teaches: Vinyasa

I always considered myself an active person and my very first yoga class was a power vinyasa flow which I fell in love with mainly because of the strength and energy of it. As I dived deeper in to the yoga philosophy when completing the 200hr teachers training course in Amsterdam, I was no longer only becoming a yoga teacher but rediscovering the authentic and whole me. Learning from my past, strengthening my present and building my future by spreading this love, the joy, the knowledge and the beauty of the vinyasa style. My classes are focusing mainly on breath, flexibility and stamina.
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