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Jana Antalikova
Teaches: Yinyasa
Sundays 17:00

Jana is a fully certified member of Yoga Alliance. She obtained her teaching certifications in Yin and Hatha yoga in London and NQ Sport & Fitness and Body Balance in Australia. After moving to Malta, she has also become qualified to teach Hot Yoga.
Being guided by many great teachers, together with her own devoted curiosity, Jana found deep clarity within herself through her dedication to practice.
Over the last decade, she continued to deepen her practice and create an artful blend of movement and stillness.
Her classes have a welcoming community atmosphere with a judgment-free space to explore yoga. She encourages her students to discover different levels of possibility in their bodies and minds and to bring their practice from their mats into their daily lives.
Pamela Gauna
Mindful Stretching: Saturdays 12:00

I was born in Paraná, Argentina. I am a singer, dancer, choreographer, performer and SOM therapist. I studied Journalism and Social communication. Nowadays, I dedicate myself to develop a new technique called SOM (Sound of Movement).

Consciousness is thought. We need to make conscious our pain and limitations to change our thinking. THOUGHTS are energy and we need to unblock and liberate it to develop our creative and healing potential. ENERGY is movement.. and movement is LIFE

Govinda Cator
Yoga for Beginners: Saturdays 10:15
Hatha Flow :Thursdays 19:30

I started my journey as a yoga teacher in India completing 200 hours in Ashtanga Yoga in Goa, then I studied Ashtanga at the Patthabi Jois Institute in Mysore. I have studied 300 hours with Noah Maze. My asana practise improved deeply when I met Shiva Rea who changed my asana practise forever by teaching me how to embody the power of Prana, Prana Flow is definitely my soul style. I am an eternal student and I am so happy to share what I have learnt.

For me yoga is what everybody needs, we all live in these bodies, we all have these minds, and we still do not understand them. One of the fundamental goals of yoga is the connection of body, mind & spirit. Without the development and integration of them we are not whole, we are not balanced, and therefore, we are not well. Yoga brings unity and understanding of the nature of these parts, the more you practise the more you understand, the more you become whole.
Yasmine Graig
Stability and Balance Flow: Tuesdays 18:00, Wednesdays 17:00

Yasmine Craig is a German /Iranian yoga alliance certified teacher she was introduced to yoga on relocating to Malta.
She felt spiritually connected to Yoga principles namely proper exercise , proper relaxation, proper breathing , a balanced diet and positive thinking and meditation.
Yasmine practices and teaches Ashtanga yoga, specializing in Dynamic vinyasa, hata yoga and yin restoration.
She sees yoga as a tool for healing the body, mind and spirit.
Her aim as a yoga teacher is to guide her students into the space of renewing realizing and relieving.
Yasmin is also a talented self taught artist, she excels in oils with her paintings giving off a sense of calmness.
Yasmine is a dynamic person and likes to enjoy life.
Kalina Kozarska


I began my yoga journey 7 years ago in NYC starting out as a practicioner of hot yoga. At that point my yoga practice helped me to achieve the strength, flexibility, and agility I was looking for. However I felt that the physical practice of asana wasn't taking me all the way. I was searching for something deeper. My search led me towards more energy centered practices such as Kundalini kriya. In 2020, I traveled to Rishikesh where I studied with Master Anand Mehrotra and received my 500 hour certification in hatha, Kundalini, kriya, mantra, and meditation.
I am interested in the subtle and grand effects yoga has on the mind and body and how those effects bring us one step closer to self realization. I believe every human being deserves to know bliss and unconditional love. In my classes we focus on dissolving all emotions/ thoughts that prevent us from reaching our fullest potential. We will work to eradicate anger, melt away stress, overcome fear, and ignore judgement. I hope you will join me on this journey.
Petra Pavlica
Hatha Sundays 12:30
Vinyasa Sundays 17:00
Ashtanga Fridays 12:00

My Yoga practice started years before, first introduced from my father, who showed me the 'first steps'. Practicing and observing beautiful changes in my life I felt a strong desire to share it with others, started teaching small group of friends, what eventually lead to signing up for 200 hrs teacher training course here in Malta. I have learned early, how body movement affects on my emotions and helps to still the mind. I love to explore the flow through traditional yoga asanas, with movement, breath, joy and curiosity from it's core. When we are aware and connected within, then comes ease, freedom and lightness of being. The body becomes stronger inside and out, mind begins to settle and you experience fearlessness, gratitude, presence. Being a designer at heart, I mindfully design each class with the focus on connecting the breath to movement, with constant modification and variations to suit Everyone! Join me in this gentle fusion of HathaYoga & VinyasaFlow, with elements of Pilates, Fitness & Ballet Dance. Namste!

Amina Agerman
Flexibility Flow: Tue 19:30
Vinyasa: Mon 12:00, Tues 12:00, Wed 19:30, Thur 12:00
Yin & Restorative

My name is Ellen Amina. I teach yoga to create a happier and more conscious world. My mission is to make yoga and it's beautiful benefits available to all.

In my sessions I use purpose and presence to hold space for you to be, feel and flow. I do this by combining various yoga, breath work and meditation techniques.

For me yoga is not about bending the body in impossible shapes. There is no competition or comparison in yoga and the practice and its benefits can be enjoyed by everybody.

Yoga connects the mind and body making us feel more balanced and aligned. Benefits we take with us when we step off the mat.

Danielle Recomio
Yoga Nidra: Mondays 17:00
Yoga for Beginners: Mondays 18:00, Wednesdays 18:15,
Fridays 17:00, Sundays 10:15
Hatha Flow: Tuesdays 07:00 & 09:30, Wednesdays 07:00 & 19:30, Saturdays 09:30
Pre/Post Natal: Wednesdays 17:15:
PreNatal: Saturday 10:45
Yin Yoga: Thursdays 19:45 & Saturdays 11:45

Danielle Recomio has an impressive experience and training under her belt! ERYT 200 and RYT 500 having completed 300 RYT with Bryce Yoga.
She discovered Yoga in 2006 and was very quickly hooked. Like many people she went to her first class to stretch and relax and found that after a few weeks, not only did she have more mobility but also strength and came out of class feeling refreshed even if the class was challenging. Yoga has transformed her life and it keeps her grounded, (semi) sane and strong through times of stress and change. Yoga facilitates growth in life and relationships on and off the mat. Daniel feels very blessed to be able to teach and help students reach their potential.

Daniel teaches Hatha, Vinyasa, Yinyasa and Restorative Yoga.

Yoga can be for every body, we are all different and can find our own expression of each pose, finding freedom within the moving meditation of Yoga can lead to more mindfulness and balance in our daily lives.

''I am forever grateful to my teachers Jason Crandell, Melissa Smith, Suzanne Vian, Dyce Ida Kline, Brionhy Smith, Honza and Claudine Lafond and Janet Stone.''

Nayibe Rodriguez
Pilates: Mon 18:00, Wed - Thu 18:15, Sat 10:15
Barré TRX: Tue - Fri 7:00am
Gravity Yoga:

Movement is a way to celebrate your body and what it is capable of. I am a trainer focused on wellness and health and I prescribe exercise supported by scientific knowledge, with the aim of rehabilitating, strengthening and improving the life quality.
since I love science, to became a biologist, I studied a profesional career, then I decided to dedicate my life to well-being and I built myself in an integral way.
I study about the bases of sports training, how to apply physical activity in people with injuries or Illnesses, or in older adults. Then I studied pilates in different modalities, using the mat, fitball, magic rings and the reformer. Also, I certified myself in a yin-style yoga modality, which will challenge your mind and your body.
the movement has changed my life, and it will change yours too.
Agnieszka Praga "Prazi"
Vinyasa Intermediate

Since I can remember body movement was my passion, it started from practising gymnastics, went through a hip-hop dance career and ended up with vinyasa yoga. When I discovered yoga, I realised that it not only connect both of my previous passions but is also focused on breath, unity of mind and a body and something that was always hard for me, stillness. Sounds silly right? But when I was younger my mind was always rolling, could never stop. I started practising yoga in 2014 and since then yoga has helped me to find peace within, accept the unacceptable and discover breath as a self-healing practice.
Yoga I love to teach is a way to improve the quality of life no matter the age, gender or flexibility level. During my class, I encourage students to take a step within and discover the connection between the mind and the body.
After years of fighting with injuries and pain, yoga has helped me to strengthen the body and heal it from mistakes of the past. My classes focus on precise movement, grounding breath and correct alignment, as well as always a little bit of fun.
Ashley Martin
Vinyasa Intermediate, Rocket Yoga

Ashley began her yoga journey with hot/power yoga as a young adult in Connecticut, since that was the only style taught there at the time. She was drawn primarily to the breath control and connecting breath with movement. Upon moving to Los Angeles, she dove deeper into pranayama and meditation with her kundalini practice, and received a certification in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan in 2008. Since then, her focus has been more on asana, and she received a 200-hour training from YogaWorks in 2017. Ashley's classes are playful and challenging. She provides modifications and options for her students to explore their bodies in the poses. Los Angeles has been called the birthplace of modern yoga; where the science of creating a well-rounded class in a compact amount of time has been mastered. Ashley strives to bring this knowledge forward through her sequencing, leaving the students feeling revitalised and refreshed both physically and mentally. Her intention is to serve and elevate her students through exploring yoga in a playful way.
Valerie Winter
Teaches: Ashtanga (Intermediate & Advanced).

Valerie is a strong believer that more than a style you need to find a teacher that suits you, who will guide you to bring your own inner teacher. Join her class to find your breath and feel all the rest falling into places in a beautiful Ashtanga flow you will absolutely love

Valerie started her yoga journey in Paris in 2012 and then moved to Malaysia in 2014 where she completed a 450 H Teacher Training Course in Hatha Yoga and started teaching in various studios in Kuala Lumpur for 6 years, focusing her teachings on Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa.

In 2016 she consolidated her practice and her knowledge of Ashtanga and Yoga Philosophy in Mysore and completed a 50 H course in Anatomy with Noah McKenna, a highly recognized International Yoga teacher. She continued practicing Ashtanga in Kuala Lumpur for 5 years at one of the most prominent Ashtanga Center in Asia.
Timea Vamosova
Teaches: Vinyasa

I always considered myself an active person and my very first yoga class was a power vinyasa flow which I fell in love with mainly because of its strength and energy. As I dived deeper in to the yoga philosophy when completing the 200hr teachers training course in Amsterdam, I was no longer only becoming a yoga teacher but rediscovering the authentic and whole me. Learning from my past, strengthening my present and building my future by spreading this love, the joy, the knowledge and the beauty of the vinyasa style. My classes are focusing mainly on breath, flexibility and stamina.
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