Sunday 29th May 15:00 -16:30
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Spring Flow
Techniques to re-balance your energy and release emotion

''Using sound, hand movements, meditation and crystals you will experience the simplicity and effectiveness of these tools and their wisdom.''
The Flow
Sunday 29th May 15:00-16:30

Guided Meditation to land in the space

Energy Medicine Points
We will learn how to restore our energy quickly and easily by working on some energy points in the body for:

  • Anxiety and so we can function at our full capacity

  • Brain health and stress, so you can think clearly and get yourself out of a jam

  • Grounding so you can feel calm, empowered and centred

  • Energetic protection, to leave you feeling safe whilst staying engaging with the world around you (particularly good for sensitives)

Crystal Energy Grid & Meditation
We will work on some major and minor chakras using crystals, a theta healing meditation and Solomon's geometric energy grid. This will support you to unblock any stagnant energy and bring you back to wholeness, harmony and balance. A great way to relax and refresh the body and relieve stress.

*If you have never experienced crystal healing before it is gentle yet powerful and deeply relaxing.
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Hello! I am Renata
A British Brazilian living in Gozo.
I have always had a passion for travel and helping people. In 2011 I went to Palestine to teach Capoeira to refugees, it was there I realized I really wanted to work with transformation, not 'relief work.'
When I returned to the U.K. I decided to follow this calling and trained as a professional counselor. This was the first step of many more to come. As I followed the signs I was later drawn to Gozo to train in an energy healing modality called theta-healing as a way of healing trauma without talking about it. I quickly fell in love with Gozo and began living there. I became fascinated by the crystals in the land and chose to consolidate my intuitive knowledge of them and studied to be a crystal therapist. Each experience and training lay the foundation for the next and also helped me heal. I now have an eclectic mix of skills, experience and wisdom which I offer in my 1:1 therapeutic healing sessions, workshops and courses.
I am very happy and excited to be sharing some workshops here with you at RAW yoga studio.
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